Our Exclusive Partner in The Bay Area

Dibble Landscaping is proud to announce that we now offer Hartley Botanic Luxury Greenhouses

If you’re looking for a Grand statement piece to complete your garden, look no further than a Hartley Greenhouse design– the perfect combination of historic beauty and elegant architecture.

The appeal of Greenhouses is undeniable. Everyone enjoys the simple pleasure of connecting with nature, and a horticultural Greenhouse provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Shielding against unpleasant weather, damaging storms, and high winds, these planthouses are eternally peaceful – a haven for plants and gardeners.

They also offer us the chance to share natural beauty with loved ones, used as a tranquil room in which to entertain friends and family.

Glasshouses can even serve as a quiet getaway, a rejuvenating place to indulge in one of life’s simplest but most rewarding pleasures – gardening.

About Hartley Botanic

 Established in 1938, we know what makes a quality greenhouse, and have perfected every single stage of the process, from design, right through to placing the final piece of glass. We ensure everything that we do is not only built with care and precision, but is built to last a lifetime. The Hartley Botanic greenhouse company has been manufacturing handmade aluminum greenhouses in the UK for 80 years.