Jim and Jeff Dibble

dib·ble /ˈdibəl/ noun
a pointed hand tool for making holes in the ground for seeds or young plants

The "Dibble Difference."
Big enough to do the job, small enough to care.

Jim Dibble started Dibble Landscaping 30 years ago after working in the industry for 12 years prior.  He set out to provide a level of personalized service and results to his clients that have since garnered award-winning recognition by the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA).  He sat as a  board member at the chapter level as well as being a member of the state certification team, earning him a member of the year award. 

For 42 years Jim Dibble has been digging, cutting, stacking, planting, building and smiling while following his passion to install and maintain his client's homes and business' with a picturesque setting to escape to.  Those years of experience and care have continued with the help of his son Jeff who has been working alongside his father since he was able to hold a shovel.  The two have been playing in the dirt since.  

There is a gardener's instrument called a "dibble" that helps plant seeds into the ground.  It's no coincidence the company he grew plants those seeds in every project they touch to bloom success.