Executive Team

Sherrie Varnese

Director of Maintenance

Sherrie has a life-long obsession with plants and is a self-proclaimed “plant geek”. Despite the early interest in horticulture, she studied Computer Sciences in collage and started working in the industry after traveling and, most importantly gardening, in Ireland, the east coast and Hawaii. When an opportunity came to make a career change, she happily shifted to horticulture nearly 30 years ago. Her career has progressed through retail and wholesale nurseries, hotel grounds management, private estate management, design services, account management, operations, and department development and pretty much everything in between. After formally and informally consulting for us, she joined us full time in January of 2021 to run and further develop our Maintenance Department. In addition to management responsibilities, she specializes in ongoing horticulture training for our staff, design work and consulting, developing plant pallets and the problem solving the special issues facing HOAs. She is a member of ReScape California and focuses on issues relating to drought and fire safety for all our clients.

When Sherrie isn’t at work or helping her friends with their gardens, you’ll most likely find her with her nose in a book (history and anything John Grisham), trying (and failing) to make spaghetti sauce as good as her mom’s or spoiling her two little nieces Maddalena and Luciana who live next door.

Gerald Pingrey

Commercial Account Manager

Gerald brings all levels of knowledge to the management team from the ground up!  He “grew up” in the business as we say, starting 34 years ago. Like all truly skilled future managers, he first worked as a crew member on a maintenance team and later he was promoted to crew leader and irrigation technician.  He has been working as an Account Manager for the last 25 years.

Gerald possesses a strong commercial landscape background.  Besides having in-depth knowledge of crew and site management he has additional practical knowledge of equipment and fleet management as well as safety training. He has worked in both large commercial companies and smaller locally owned and operated ones.  This balance of knowledge and experience is put to good use, creating cost-saving efficiencies for our maintenance clients.

Gerald tops off his long list of industry specific skills with excellent attention to detail, valuing punctuality, and good organization, creates and maintains great rapport with crews and clients alike and really knows how to get things done. He places himself firmly in the corner of our clients, which makes it possible for him to work with some properties for over 20 years.

During Gerald’s off hours, he can be found surfing or searching for and sampling rare Whiskey!